CBS research in Børsen Leadership

CBS Leadership Centre has established a partnership with Børsen, where CBS reserachers connect high quality reserach to current issues.

Once a month, researchers from CBS write a column in Børsen, giving readers a current and research-based perspective on the challenges faced by managers.


April: Geopolitics

Column: How companies weather the geopolitical storm

Maersk left. Ecco stayed and Carlsberg will only be out of Russia in 2023. Why were there such different reactions after the invasion of Ukraine? And what lessons can business leaders learn from the current geopolitical turmoil for future investments abroad?

Written by Larissa Rabbiosi, Michael Mol and Grazia Santangelo - Professors at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at CBS

The column is based on the recently published article "Should I Stay or Should I Go? How Danish MNEs in Russia Respond to a Geopolitical Shift" which can be accessed here


March: Trust

Column: Lack of shared understanding of trust makes it hard to make reforms work

The government wants to implement the most comprehensive liberalisation of the public sector in the history of the welfare state. But the government is messing with its concepts of trust, which is one of the reasons why it may be difficult to deliver results.

Written by Steen Valentin, Assosciate Professor at the Sustainability Center, CBS Department for Management, Society and Communication

The column is based on the book "Trust, Power and Public Sector Leadership: A Relational Approach" which can be accessed here


February: Dilemmas

Column: Dilemmas have become a standard challenge - new digital tool can help managers make the right decision

Choosing between several options has become a standard challenge for managers in 2023. A new dilemma index can help managers make the right decision, writes CBS centre director and CBS professor in this column. 

Written by Eva Fog Bruun, Centre Director at the CBS Leadership Centre, and Thomas Ritter, Professor at the CBS Department of Strategy and Innovation



January: Nordic Nine

Column from CBS: "Leaders of the future must navigate nine new competences"

How do we equip young people to lead themselves and others in the future? In collaboration with the business community, CBS has defined nine competences, the Nordic Nine, which enable young people to navigate in an increasingly complex world and take responsibility for the development of companies and society.

Written by Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Inger Askehave, President and Deputy President at CBS

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