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CBS Leadership Community is gathering faculty across CBS and research partners from fellow universities and research institutions. We want to stimulate the sharing of knowledge about leadership and strengthen the translation of research to practitioners who exert leadership on a daily basis.


Research Paper Series - Leadership
The Research Paper Series is a forum for junior and senior colleagues, as well as visiting and guest scholars, to present and discuss leadership research in progress from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and theoretical traditions. Presenters will receive constructive feedback from discussants and attendees with the aim of developing their papers and arguments for eventual publication.

The Paper Series will also function to promote discussion and debate across CBS about leadership and leadership development, and it will put attention on how research can be applied by business professionals who carry out leadership on a practical level.

Research Paper Series talks:

16. March 2022: 

Research papers at this event:

1. "The play’s the thing – Hamlet and the question of leadership" by Robin Holt and Eric Guthey

2. "So, I just sit there and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny: Dealing with tension and Gender in the Danish Workplace" by Edmonia Baker and Signe Vikkelsø
The main takeaways can be downloaded here

18. May 2022: 

Research papers at this event:

1. "Is the future of leadership a Mechanical Turk reversed?" by Sverre Spoelstra and Anoush Margaryan

2. "Extending hope: Exploring the leadership practises of promissory technology projects" by Frank Meier and Dan Kärreman
PDF icon The main takeaways can be downloaded here

22. September 2022: 

Research papers at this event:

1. "Influence in interaction: The realization of moments of leadership?" by Magnus Larsson, Christian Dyrlund Wåhlin-Jacobsen, Liv Hassert and Lars Thøger Christensen

2. "How much for a female CEO – and who pays the price? Investigating the practices and processes of pricing women leaders in professional executive recruitment" by Sara L. Muhr,  Kai Inga Liehr Storm  and Minna Paunova
The main takeaways can be downloaded here

16. December 2022: 

Research papers at this event: 

1. "The Ethics of Authentic Leadership: A Heideggerian Perspective" by Florence Villesèche and Sverre Spoelstr

2. "Faces of Trust in Public Management and Governance" by Steen Vallentin and Elisabet Skov Nielsen
The main takeaways can be downloaded here




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