Business of Society live podcast-recording. Embracing the tensions? Operating at the intersection between aspirational talk and greenwashing

Tuesday, April 18, 10.15-11.15, Kilen

Wherever we look, we are confronted with the urgency of corporate sustainability and green transition if we want to ensure a livable future. In this climate, businesses are operating in a strange space: On the one hand, urged to set ambitious goals for their sustainability efforts, while, on the other, they are instructed to avoid green- or any other form of washing. Once called out for greenwashing, the label will stick to your reputation like super glue. So how do businesses navigate these tensions; these dual, and potentially conflicting, imperatives?
In this live session of the Business of Society podcast, CBS Sustainability Centre manager and podcast host Sarah Netter will be joined by leading academic and professional experts, to explore the tensions between aspirational talk and greenwashing, with contributions from in the field. So if there is anything you ever wished to know about greenwashing but lacked the expert panel to answer this, now is the time to submit your questions via


  • Steen Vallentin, Director CBS Sustainability Centre, Associate Professor CBS
  • Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen, Professor CBS
  • Andreas Abildlund, Investigative Journalist
  • Louise Kofoed Thomsen, Sustainability Practitioner, Owner and Sustainability Consultant at LT Cambio


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