Try out CBS’ students through a CBS CareerGate project

Employers can be reluctant to hire a student assistant or intern from study programmes that they do not know – even though the student could bring just the value and knowledge they need. Now there is an opportunity to build that bridge: The job and project portal CBS CareerGate. Here companies can offer up large or small projects and try out collaboration with CBS students.


patrick Lund Graduateland

Graduateland CEO and CBS graduate Patrick Lund in front of his own merry band of young, enthusiastic talents. (Photo: Graduateland)

The job and project portal CBS CareerGate is the connecting link between CBS students and companies. It is a platform where companies can find candidates for student positions, internships, full-time jobs, and projects among the many CBS students who study subjects ranging from hard core economy to combinations with philosophy or psychology.

CBS’ programme portfolio is continuously adjusted to ensure that the competencies new and coming candidates are gaining through their studies reflect the needs, demands, and conditions of the job market. However, the many different programmes can make it challenging for employers to figure out exactly what the students are capable of when they are looking for a candidate. Some companies find it difficult to understand the students’ competence profiles.

- Employers tell us that the number of study programmes can seem overwhelming and that they are uncertain of what the candidates can actually do. My answer is always the same: “Try them out! You will be surprised what these ‘exotic’ profiles are capable of,” says Anne Malberg Horsager from CBS Careers and continues:

- Therefore, we asked our collaborator Graduateland if they could develop the platform so that the companies can display project topics where the students can offer their abilities more clearly. That gives better opportunities to connect with our students for junior consultancies or having them write their theses in collaboration with companies. Thus, we are re-launching CareerGate as the platform that can ensure this kind of matchmaking.

Analyses and ideas that fall outside the budget

Graduateland is CBS’ collaborator and the company behind CBS CareerGate and 25 other European university career portals. It has been possible to advertise projects and thesis collaborations on the universities’ portals, hereunder CBS CareerGate, from the beginning. But CEO of Graduateland, Patrick Lund, hopes that a stronger focus on developing new and user-friendly functions will create even more value to students, companies, and universities.

With a stronger focus on projects and thesis collaborations, the ambition is to open the door to more companies – especially to more SMEs, who will hopefully become more open to try untested competencies. That ambition is shared by CBS:

- Through a project or thesis collaboration, a company has the opportunity to try out an idea or carry out analyses that there would otherwise not have been resources for. That is a valuable in itself, says Anne Malberg Horsager, and adds:

- At the same time, they will experience exactly what competencies, talent, and potential a student or recent graduate is able to bring to their company. A project or thesis collaboration is less obligating and less risky for a company than a failed recruitment. But it can be the precursor to hiring.

Good value creation for all parties

Patrick Lund is certain that the new function will be a success. He considers it to be of value to all parties.

- It is definitely something which both companies and students show increased interest in. The companies that have advertised a project once have shown likely to return and do it again – meaning that it definitely has been of value to the companies that make use of the opportunity, he says.

In CBS CareerGate you can search for students that you are especially interested in and talk to them live through a chat function, which will be updated to a video chat function in December. That way, the parties can meet without having to set aside a time and place for the meeting.

Visit the job and project portal CBS CareerGate

The page was last edited by: Alumni // 10/20/2021