In Your Own Words: Marie Bach Nielsen, Art Space Producer

2 + 2 may be 5 and q, and yes - it is possible to find your career path by talking to people in a coffee shop. Marie Bach Nielsen is a living proof that it can be done.


Marie Bach Nielsen
"The picture was taken at the light-art exhibition 'YETI-TV
' by Fred Sapey-Triomphe in France." (Photo: private photo)

What were you like when you studied at CBS?
I was old! I started studying Business, Language and Culture (SPRØK) in 2002 and ended my master studies in Management of Creative Business Processes in 2010. I was 23 when I began my bachelor studies and I had student politics, gap years and office skills training under my belt when I was enrolled. My fellow students were around 18, so I felt rather Nestor-like.
How did you get your first job after graduating from CBS?
I sat at my local coffee place in my neighbourhood with my computer and asked everyone who entered the room what they were doing for a living. That is how I met the Danish artist Kasper Bonnén. My first job was to create a website for his artwork. In that way, my interest in the digital world was combined with art, and I formed a group who made art for iPhones and iPads. That is how I became an art space producer - a kind of liaison between the artist and the space in which the art can live.
Which moments in your career have been defining - and why?
When I have met an interesting and fascinating person. These meetings have always led to something useful, either new knowledge or a job opportunity. The best meetings are those who happen inadvertently - when you are not seeking to network, but generally try to be open to the world and curious about people. Usually, something great will happen!
What is the most valuable experience you gained at CBS that you still use in your daily work?
I learned that we have created many of the structures and mechanisms in our society ourselves. We talk about economics as if we were talking about the law of gravity. But I have learned that the assumptions that form the basis of our economic models basically are objectionable, and that 2+2 may be 5 and q - without the world falling apart for that reason.
Have you maintained a relation with CBS since you graduated?
I follow different alumni initiatives, and I am part of groups related to both BLC and Management of Creative Business Processes. I also dream of making a management course in the CBP programme that applies my experience from the Danish art world.

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