In your own words: Jacob Kildebogaard, CEO and web analyst

His time as a student at CBS was often spent in the back with a free newspaper. Lately he has found himself in front of a class of CBS students teaching. Jacob Kildebogaard can pride himself of many achievements in his short but impressive career.


Jacob Kildebogaard
"Great to be back at CBS to teach. Lovely reunion with Solbjerg Plads after 8 years." (Photo: Private photo)

What were you like when you studied at CBS?
I probably have to admit that I was sitting in the back of the class reading free newspapers. It was during the years when the free papers took the market. I spent a total of 7 years from when I began studying for the Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management Science until I finished my Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management Science, but I am still happy that I kept going and got my degree. Throughout my student years I gradually increased the relevance of and hours at my student jobs, so that I had a total of two years full time experience before graduating – that somewhat justifies my two extra years in my degree program, I think…

How did you get your first job after graduating from CBS?
I had my first job before I graduated, as I was employed as a consultant in a web bureau. Having just bought my first house and getting a full time job, it was just a matter of handing in my thesis and be done with it. I applied for the job in the usual manner.

Which moments in your career have been defining – and why?
In relatively few years I have achieved a number of things that I am proud of. In 2011, I founded the company, which has been a success. Webjuice is an online marketing bureau where we help companies gain greater exposure and sales via online marketing channels. We have just received our first ‘Gazelle Prize’ for the growth of the company over the past 4 years, and I expect to receive a prize every coming year as well.
I have held a presentation for 900 people at a conference in Israel and presented at conferences in Oslo, Hungary, England, and other places. I have been selected as a Google Partner Trainer and speaker. I have published two books that I have written myself, and that has been important to my career.
Most recently I have taught students in a Master’s programme at CBS. That was also a special milestone to return as a lecturer at the place where I eight years ago received my degree.

What is the most valuable experience you gained at CBS that you still use in your daily work?
The greatest outcome is definitely a general line of thought and understanding of numbers and optimization. I have taken a lot of courses on method and formulas and I use none of them today. But the courses have still contributed to shaping my competences and me.

Have you maintained a relation with CBS since you graduated?
When time allows for it, I still meet up with my former study friends. At times, I also discuss professional subjects with my former tutor, who has started his own company like me.

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