Alumni Day 2017: Sunshine, big smiles, and reunion joy

More than 500 former CBS students stopped by Solbjerg Plads for CBS Alumni Day – a day of joyful reunion, musical entertainment, academic input, food and drinks, and making new connections.


CBS Alumni Day 2017

“Inspiring surroundings!” “You really feel like coming back to study again.” “Very well-organized event!” “I enjoyed the music, food and wine and had some exciting chats with both younger and older alumni.” “Well-mixed cocktail of entertainment, speeches, lectures, and fun.” “What a great CBS beer!”

This is just some of the feedback from Alumni Day, which was held on occasion of CBS’ 100-year anniversary. While it was not the first alumni day held at CBS, it has been long since the last one and this was the largest ever.

The main attraction on CBS Alumni Day: you!

CBS’ own band Professor Allstars Jazz Band and Copenhagen Phil performed and soprano Else Torp (featured in the last Alumni Update) sang. Claus Meyer was honored with the Distinguished Alumni title and he and six CBS researchers held lectures for filled auditoriums.

The presentation of CBS’ company history through 100 years, the CBS film, guided tours, and the other featured elements are not to be forgotten. The Carlsberg Jubilee Pale Ale, specially brewed on occasion of CBS’ anniversary, was definitely not to be forgotten – quite the contrary, actually.

However, it was during the small breaks, next to the photo booth, and sitting at the tables enjoying the buffet after the festive entertainment and academic input that the ground floor of CBS’ largest building buzzed the most and echoed with talk and laughter.

For the participating alumni, the main attraction of the day, the most entertaining feature, and the most valuable input really was themselves and all the other alumni. More than 540 alumni had accepted the invitation and the guest list spanned more than six decades (alumni graduating between 1961-2017) and 36 study programmes.

You will hopefully meet again for Alumni Day 2018

One recurrent feedback from the day is that the participants would have loved to reconnect with even more of their former classmates and fellow students. Based on this year’s experiences and participant feedback, we have already begun planning Alumni Day 2018. We hope not only to reconnect with many of the participants from 2017 but also to see new faces in 2018.

Relive the Alumni Day if you were part of it or see what you missed out on – we have selected a few photos from the day::

Claus Meyer, CBS æresalumne 2017

Distinguished Alum Claus Meyer was celebrated and was keynote speaker afterwards. 

Copenhagen Phil og sopran Else Torp

Copenhagen Phil served up a musical with alumna and soprane Else Torp on vocals.


The photobooth was a major attraction.

CBS Jubilee IPA

The day may have started with bubbly champagne, but it continued with CBS' own jubilee IPA, sponsored and served up by the student café Nexus.

CSE pitch

A student start-up entrepreneur from Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship shared his pitch and story.

Socialt samvær og networking

But the main attraction for the 540 alumni on the day was - first, foremost and last - themselves and each other.

Experience the atmosphere with more pictures from the day here

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