Alumni meet up: Navigate strategically in your profession

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch up with alumni from your university or business school. The programme for the meet up includes two inspirational talks about implementing strategy in a professional setting followed by networking

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 17:00 to 19:00

Meet alumni from your university or business school

As a courtesy to our Nordic colleagues, the two Danish business schools Aarhus BSS and CBS co-hosts this alumni meet up where alumni professionals from more than 20 universities in the Nordic region are gathered for the CASE Nordic Summit. Each participating university has the opportunity to invite their alumni for the event.
We look forward to welcome a diverse group of alumni from universities in the Nordic region for an evening with academic input, discussion and the opportunity to reconnect with fellow alumni. 


17:00  Welcome
17:05  Found in translation: Five dimensions of strategy implementation by CBS lecturer Søren Obed Madsen

Søren will clarify the ambiguity of the implementation concept by presenting five dimensions of implementation; the instrumental, interpretive, legitimizing, political and translating. The five dimensions are described and discussed in relation to each other and the consequences for practice in order to answer three questions:
1. What is implementation?
2. How is something implemented
3. When is something implemented?

17:40    Strategy in the Organisation by Aarhus BSS alum (To be confirmed)
18:15    Networking and light refreshments


About the speakers

Søren Obed Madsen is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at CBS

Søren holds a PhD from CBS within implementation of strategies, management and translation of strategies. His main research focus is in the interplay between actors, management tools and strategies. Søren focuses on how managers translate strategies when the strategy shifts from one part of the organisation to another.


Event details

Date & time: Wednesday 10 April 2019 from 17:00 to 19:00.
Venue: Copenhagen Business School, Faculty Club, Dalgas Have, 2000 Frederiksberg
Who can attend? All former and current students from Nordic universities or business schools who have been invited by their alumni association /network.
Attendance fee: Free of charge.
Photos: Please note that we will take a few photos to document the evening, which we will share on social media. Please let us know upon arrival if you do not wish to appear in the photos.


This event has been cancelled


If you have any questions please contact: 

About Aarhus BSS and CBS

The event is a collaboration between Aarhus BSS and CBS on the occasion of the CASE Nordic Summit for university professionals at CBS and with a planning committee with members from a range of Nordic universities. 

Aarhus BSS – the former ”Handelshøjskolen i Århus” – was established in 1939. Aarhus BSS is a broad business school and one of the four faculties at Aarhus University and has approx. 13,000 full-time students, nearly 2,000 part-time students, almost 250 PhD students and close to 600 faculty members.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917 and has today more than 21,000 students and 1,500 employees – faculty, PhD-students and administrative staff.

Arhus BSS and CBS rank among the largest business schools in Europe and both are Triple Crown accredited.

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