CBS JobSearchAcademy

CBS JobSearchAcademy is a dedicated job search programme for a selected group of CBS students highly motivated to do the work it takes to land their first full time job. The workshop sessions will be in Danish.


*All scheduled iterations of CBS JobSearchAcademy have now been completed and at this time, we do not have any upcoming programme dates set.*


The CBS JobSearchAcademy gives you a unique opportunity to get ahead with your job search by combining hands-on toolbox training and practice with personal insights and reflections. This will give you a solid foundation for landing your first full-time job and starting your professional career with success.

CBS JobSearchAcademy is an offer to all CBS recent graduates and soon-to-be graduates, no matter your nationality, however you will need a certain level of Danish proficiency in order to participate actively in discussions and networking sessions.

At CBS JobSearchAcademy you get: 

JobSearchAcademy offers you:

  • A focused 7-week programme with weekly inspirational sessions and hands-on practice
  • A professional toolbox for personal insights and professional development (based on Insights©Discovery Profile)
  • A Career Kit strengthening your job search, application process and “onboarding” in the job
  • Hands-on practice implementing the tools and insights in your job search here-and-now
  • A dynamic learning environment for networking, feedback and inspiration


CBS JobSearchAcademy offers a great opportunity to bring the necessary focus and time into a targeted job search process based on your personal strengths, competencies and unique selling points.

To get the maximum effect of your time and effort, the programme is based on a high degree of involvement with a combination of 7 workshops in groups of 25 participants and hands-on practice and preparation.

You can look forward to a professional and personal journey that will help you reach your goals: landing your first full-time job and successfully start your career as employee and colleague.

CBS JobSearchAcademy consists of the following elements:

1)  A personal Insights©Discovery Profile

As an important foundation for the programme we use the Insights©Discovery Profile based on an online evaluator/questionnaire. It’s a tool for personal insights and development focusing on personal preferences and behavior.

The profile will provide you with important knowledge for understanding your personality, developing your interpersonal and communication skills and create more valuable relationships. These elements are as important in your professional career as in your personal life.

The profile will be linked directly to the job search process during the programme through hands-on exercises and feedback.  

You will be asked to fill out the online evaluator prior to the first workshop. The profile is available in both Danish and English.

2) 7 workshops

The objective for the workshops is to kickstart your process by providing you with specific job search tools and exercises for new personal insights targeted the different parts of the job search process.

The workshops will be facilitated in a dynamic combination of theoretical presentations, group dialogue, own case studies and practical exercises. The aim is to create a learning space with room for reflection, creativity and action learning.

All hand-outs and slides will be in English.

CBS JobSearchAcademy Programme

3)  Hands-on practice, preparations and the Career Workbook

Your practice and preparations are framed by the workbook Starting a Successful Career, handed out to you at the first workshop. It includes hands-on exercises related to the professional as well as personal aspects of the job search process. The workbook will guide you in your specific job search process during the programme and afterwards.

Career Workbook

You will need to dedicate approximately 8 hours combined for the weekly workshop, practice, preparation and reflection during each week.

Additional and optional activities to support your job search process

In addition to CBS JobSearchAcademy we encourage you to keep an eye on the event calendar and use the supporting career activities offered by CBS Careers:


CBS JobSearchAcademy activities

By engaging in CBS JobSearchAcademy you will gain professional and personal outcomes related to landing your first full-time job in a focused, proactive and reflective way.

Specific job search related outcomes:
  • A professional and targeted application material: CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile
  • Contact to specific, relevant companies and potential job opportunities
  • Hands-on practice in:
    • goal setting, planning and implementing your job search strategy
    • presenting yourself to an employer: job interview, elevator pitch, phone calls, network dialogue
    • expressing your value contribution in a job related context (what can you offer a company)
    • matching your strengths, preferences, skills and competences to specific jobs and companies
    • expanding your job opportunities by looking in new and different directions
    • handling your job search challenges
    • communicating with effectiveness and professionalism

Personal outcomes:

  • A personal Insights©Discovery Profile (22 pages report) supporting your development process through new insights for reflection and action
  • Confidence, energy and momentum in your job search
  • A solid foundation to start your career as a colleague and employee
  • Support, networking and feedback during the program
Searching for a full-time job requires time and patience. The academy therefore has a stretched length in order to leave time for reflection and actions in the job search period. The next iteration runs from May to June 2017 and will welcome approx. 50 students. Participation will require Danish language proficiency.

*All scheduled iterations of CBS JobSearchAcademy have now been completed and at this time, we do not have any upcoming programme dates set.*

CBS JobSearchAcademy schedule


To search for and land a job can be a full-time job in itself. It takes time, demands focus, involvement, continuous work and ongoing reflections. Therefore, when you apply for this programme we expect you to actively participate in the workshops and dedicate time for preparations and assignments. Your contribution is important for a successful and positive process for you and everyone involved.

We encourage you to apply for CBS JobSearchAcademy if you match the following selection criteria:

You are:

  • Recent graduate with a Master’s degree from CBS (handed in your thesis May 2016 or later)
  • Full degree master student at CBS in second, third or fourth semester
  • Looking for job opportunities on the Danish job market
  • Proficient in Danish
  • Highly motivated and ready to learn and develop new skills
  • Able to dedicate the time needed, show up, participate and practice in and between workshops
  • Curious and open minded

You can apply for the programme by:
1: answering our survey
2: forwarding your CV to:

The CV must be in Danish as you need to have a sufficient level of Danish proficiency to participate. 

Make sure your application includes a complete survey answering all the questions, as well as your CV. Incomplete applications will not be taken into account.

Selection process

Selection for the CBS JobSearchAcademy will be made from the applicants matching the criteria outlined above. To ensure a diverse and dynamic learning environment we will also be considering your stage of study/graduation and your study programme.  

*All scheduled iterations of CBS JobSearchAcademy have now been completed and at this time, we do not have any upcoming programme dates set.*

CBS JobSearchAcademy is acilitated by Lotte Bro Barnkob who is an experienced Career Counsellor, Coach and Process Facilitator at CBS Careers.
Lotte is also a certified Insights© facilitator.

If you have any inquiries you are welcome to contact Lotte on:

Lotte Bro Barnkob
Programme Facilitator, CBS Careers
Participants - October-December 2016

”I was provided with specific tools for identifying my competencies and getting to know myself and my skills better. If you had asked me just some months ago, I could list specific large companies I just had to work for. I've now realized that this isn’t a necessity anymore. It's been super valuable to reflect upon what actually makes me happy about going to work."

”While attending the programme I immediately began restructuring and updating my CV and resume. The feedback from the counselors and fellow participants was priceless. The cool thing about the group perspective is that everybody wants to help each other. It gives a certain team spirit and it boosts your morale to know that you are actually all in this together.”

– Emil Djørup, MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, E-business, 3rd semester.


”The content and workshops of JSA really should become a mandatory part of all CBS study lines. It strengthens your personal and professional toolbox and helps shine light on your competencies and ”uniqueness”, so to speak.”

”I wanted to participate in JSA while still studying because I knew how fierce the competition for jobs is when we graduate. By starting earlier I am now better able to narrow my focus and I'm not in the same hurry as others might be. I can target the companies I have the biggest interest in.”

”The team perspective is extremely giving. It’s nice to spar with a diverse group of students and recent graduates.”

- Oliver Alexander Milbregt, MSc in Accounting, Strategy & Control, 3rd semester.

”I really liked the group aspect of the programme. I was in an international diverse group and it made the conversations and feedback more nuanced. Everybody shared their own experiences and considerations, making it a pleasant and valuable learning environment”.

”It’s always nice to get challenged and inspired about the impressions you give others and get advice and tools on how to improve that aspect of the job searching process".

- Nanna Juul Laursen, Cand.merc.(kom.). Graduated June 2016. Landed first full-time job during JSA.

”I really used the knowledge I gained from my Insights Discovery profile. It specifically helped put my strengths and weakness into words and abled me to research the job roles that would fit my personality profile. It made my job search much more specific and targeted.”

- Hana Mughrabi, MSc. Brand and Communications Management. Graduated September 2016. Landed first full-time job during JSA.


"I learned a lot about myself, my competencies, goal-setting and where I want to go – a key has been unlocked."

"I got the foundation for a home-run, step-by-step, key-learnings, and much more self-confidence."

"Now I have the road map to get the first job".


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