The MADE project receives new funding

Under the heading MADE FAST, Department of Strategy and Innovation is contributing to more than 70 research and development projects that will help make Denmark a world-class manufacturing country.


MADE stands for Manufacturing Academy of Denmark and FAST stands for Flexibility, Agility, Sustainability and Talent.

Over 50 business partners co-finance MADE FAST together with universities, university colleges, and GTS institutes. The project is supported financially by Innovation Fund Denmark, The Danish Industry Foundation, Confederation of Danish Industry Employers and more. The Innovation Fund is the largest single investor with DKK 79.8 million. The total project budget is DKK 265 million.

MADE FAST runs for four years and is designed to help Danish manufacturing companies respond quickly to new customer requirements, gain knowledge of raw material, implement new solutions and increase productivity in a sustainable and efficient method.

Want to know more? Visit the project website at or contact Professor Torben Pedersen at

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