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Academic year evaluations
Study programme evaluations at CBS
At CBS, the study programmes are evaluated each year in June using, in part, a joint evaluation form. The evaluations ask about some general aspects of the study programmes and about CBS, such as:

    Whether the study programme can be recommended
    The experience of the professional and educational coherence
    Whether the teaching has been motivating
    Whether the academic year has provided relevant business/industry competency
    The experience of the administrative service
    The experience of the social environment on the study programme.

Separate reports are prepared for the respective Danish language and English language programmes. For the 2009/10 academic year, a summary analysis has also been made.
Graduate surveys
At CBS, systematic graduate surveys are used to evaluate the relevance of graduate study programmes and the students’ experience of the acquired business competence. Every third year, a questionnaire is distributed to the last three years of graduates where they are asked about, for example:

    the employment situation and their way in to the labour market
    job-related issues
    the relationship between their graduate education and their job
    their assessment of the graduate study programmes

You can see the most recent graduate survey for CBS graduate study programmes here:
Alumni Survey 2013 (in Danish)
Alumni Survey 2013 - Index benchmarking per programme (in Danish)
Alumni 2013 Master/HD (pdf)
Alumni 2013 Masteruddannelser indekseret (pdf)
Alumni 2013 HD-uddannelser indekseret.pdf

Værdien af HD og masterprogrammer - analyse fra 2013.pdf

Alumni Survey 2010 (in Danish
Department Performance

Average Teacher Performance per Department

department_performance 2012-2013.gif

PDF icondepartment_performance_2014-2015.pdf

Learning Environment Assessments
 At CBS, a systematic survey of the students' experience of the educational environment is carried out. These surveys include such things as:

    the physical learning environment
    the psychological/social learning environment
    social responsibility and sustainability

You can read the reports, excluding the annexes, here:
PDF iconLearning Environment Investigation 2014 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2011 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2008 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2003 (only in Danish)


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