Research & PhD Support Office

Senior Research Adviser
Room: POR/18.A-0.131a
KS 100

Research Support

Supports the Dean and Vice Dean of Research in matters related to external funding. Advises the Head of Departments on opportunities and strategy for attracting external funding for research. Collaborates with the Department's Funding Coordinators and provides individual advise and administrative support to CBS' researchers on external funding to research projects from National and International funding sources. Primarily:
  • Public funding sources 
  • Private funding sources

Other responsibilities 

Office Hours
Flexible. Feel free to contact me to make an appointment or book directly via Outlook.
Honorary Offices



Board Member, DARMA

DARMA is the Danish Association for Research Managers and Administrators. The purpose of DARMA is to support Danish research. This is done through the professionalisation of research administration and management in Denmark. DARMA focuses on joining and creating national and international networks, knowledge sharing and development of competences.



Other Activities



2014- Senior Research Adviser CBS Research Support Office
2013-2014 Team Coordinator, CBS Research Support Office
2011-2014 Research Adviser CBS Research Support Office
2008-2011 Academic Officer, CBS Department of Business Communication
2001-2008 Head of Department of Conservation and Security, Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm
2000 Acting Director, Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm
1996-2000 Museum Keeper, Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm
1995-1996 Assistant professor, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Copenhagen University
1993-1995 Research assistant, Danish National Museum, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities
1987-1993 Research funded by the Carlsberg foundation


1987 Mag.art in Classical Archaeology, Copenhagen University
1978  Bilingual correspondent, Copenhagen Business School