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Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Major effort is being made to ensure equality at CBS

Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) was established in 2014. The Council is formed to ensure a better gender balance in both academic and administrative leadership, but also in a wider sense in ensuring equal opportunities for staff and students. The Council has a 4 years mandate.

Tasks of the CDI

The Council works with the strategic development and mainstreaming of diversity and inclusion at CBS, makes recommendations to CBS management and conducts critical inquiry into matters of diversity and inclusion across CBS. The Council monitors initiatives to strengthen diversity and inclusion at CBS and engages CBS broadly in dialogue and debate about diversity and inclusion. The scope of CDI covers all diversity and inclusion issues in the areas of research, education and administration at CBS.

The overall focus is: More women in top research and management and talent development. Further CDI has decided to expand enquiries and data gathering into the education and programme areas of CBS.

Members of the Council

  • Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, President (chair)
  • Alex Klinge, Equal Opportunities Officer, associate professor
  • Anders Lauesen, Director of HR
  • Carsten Sørensen, Head of the Department of Finance, professor
  • Peter Lotz, Dean of Education
  • Sara Louise Muhr, Professor mso, Academic Director of the BiS Platform Diversity and Difference
  • Søren Hvidkjær, Dean of Research
  • Thomas Skinnerup Philipsen,student, member of CBS' Board of Directors
  • Valentina Tartari, Associate Professor
  • Victoria Vorting, IT support manager

CBS’ ambition is to be a diverse and inclusive organization. It is the task of the Equal Opportunities Officer to help CBS achieve this ambition by being an organizational watchdog and advisor-in-residence. The EOO reports direct to the President.

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