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Administrative Planning Unit




Head of Administrative Planning Unit René Kramhøft Jakobsen, rkja.stu@cbs.dk


Deputy head of Administrative Planning Unit  Birgit Christensen, bch.stu@cbs.dk




Administrative Planning Unit
Dalgas Have 15
2000 Frederiksberg




Enrolled students: my.cbs.dk eller exams@cbs.dk


Departments and faculty: apu.stu@cbs.dk eller se cbsshare.dk



Administrative Planning Unit

Administrative Planning Unit or colloquially APU is the primary contact for departments and faculty concerning administrative issues at the full time programs. In APU we are responsible for:

  • Scheduling for all mandatory as well as elective courses
  • Exam planning and implementation
  • Master theses contracts and defences
  • Diplomas and replacement diplomas
  • External examiners
  • Digital exams

For the MSc Programme in Economics and Business Administration please read under Graduate House.

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