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Department Support

Department Support coordinates the contact between the Dean and the departments, in particular the contact to the Head of Department and the Head of Secretariat. The intention is to create the best possible framework for the activities of the departments. Department Support focuses on allocation of resource to the departments, including allocations of academic positions.

Primary tasks for the Department Support Team

  • Facilitate contact between the Dean and the departments
  • Prepare the basis for decision making to the Dean and the Senior Management regarding the departments overall framework conditions
  • Manage allocation of academic positions and central funds for cross-cutting initiatives
  • Prepare Research Report and Report on Academic Staff
  • Coordinate departmental evaluations
  • Prepare consultation hearings and policy papers on overall framework conditions for research
  • Support function for Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Afrodita Jeftic
Administrative Officer


Kilevej 14AK.1.92
Phone: +45 3815 2682


  • Allocation of VIP academic positions
  • Budget issues& Prophix
  • Central co-funding
  • Issues relating to CBS’ norm agreement

Rasmus Gyldenkerne Nielsen

Rasmus Gyldenkerne Nielsen
Administrative Officer

Kilevej 14A, K.1.97
Tel.: +45 3815 2693
Mobil: +4541852426
  • Liaison for the VP of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Anna Lindholm-Li
Administrative Officer

Kilevej 14A, K.1.93
Tel.: +45 3815 2696
  • Department strategies and evaluations
  • Research policy, analysis tasks (research report etc.)
Magnus Emil Guldberg
Student assistant

Kilevej 14.A - 1.41

Tel:+45 38152031





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