CBS Business


Louise Seest Director of CBS Business CBS Erhverv
Patrick S. Gram Head of CBS Partners Partner Services
Anne Malberg Horsager Head of CBS Careers Student Services
Helene Brøndholt Nielsen Head of CBS Alumni Alumni Services
First name Last namesort descending Title Department Contact
Line Ahlstrand Relations Manager Partner Services
Leave: Maternity leave until 2017
Michael Bjerring Communications Consultant Partner Services
Lotte Bro Barnkob Relations Manager & Career Counsellor Student Services
38 15 28 78
Anna Patricia Dencker Alumni Relations Manager Alumni Services
Kirsten Grunddal Relations Manager Student Services
Mikala Gyllinge Relations Manager Alumni Services
Leave: Indtil april 2017
Stephanie Hadler Special Consultant / CBS Case Coach Student Services
Mette Holm Harrsen Relations Manager & Career Counsellor Partner Services
Tanja Nesager Hejlskov Event Manager Student Services
Jannie Henriksen Relations Manager Partner Services
3815 2086
Bjørn Hyldkrog Senior Communications Advisor Partner Services
Berit Jebjerg Career Counsellor Student Services
Caroline Krzton Relations Manager & Case Coach Student Services
3815 2030
Kristina Larsen Coordinator Student Services
3815 2026
Morten Madsen Graphic Designer Partner Services
Frank Nordahl Career Counsellor Student Services
3815 2103
Rikke Rosenlund Relations Coordinator Alumni Services
Anne Sluhan Business Developer Partner Services
3815 2212
Janie Huus Tange Senior Advisor / Case Competition Coach Partner Services
3815 3507