About CBS

Ovnhallen, Porcelænshaven 20

CBS spreads over six locations in the former Royal Porcelain Factory, today known as Porcelænshaven (the Porcelain Garden), where the preservation of old buildings in the area helps create an authentic atmosphere.

Porcelænshaven was from the late 1800’s up until the beginning of the new millennium an active porcelain factory. When the factory closed, the area was renovated and modernized, and today it consists of private housing and several CBS buildings. 

CBS dispose of just above 17,000 m2 in Porcelænshaven. Among these are the Warehouse and the Kiln Hall who, as the names suggest, are buildings that date back to the days when the area was still an active factory. As the rest of Porcelænshaven the renovation of the buildings has been done with respect for their history, and today the buildings appear modern and raw.

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