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Sustainability in Business

As an MBA student, you will be surrounded by students from all corners of the world who have moved to Copenhagen to join a world-class MBA programme that is committed to educating responsible leaders.

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Lead where others follow. Read this interview with Prof. Andreas Rasche to learn more about what you can get out of the Concentration in Governance & Sustainability.
CBS Professor Andreas Rasche
The Copenhagen MBA is top 15 in Corporate Knights' 'Better World MBA Ranking 2019'. Read more here.
Responsible management is a priority area for CBS. Visit the Office of Responsible Management Education to learn more.

Responsible Management and Sustainability

Responsible management is the central theme of the Copenhagen MBA. From the very start of the programme you will further your skills within this highly relevant and important field through a rigorous 50 hour course in Managing Sustainable Corporations, divided into four broad topics: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, The New Global Rules of the Game, Business Imperative, and Earning Trust with Stakeholders. In addition, CSR and sustainability are incorporated into most of the core courses, equipping you with a 360 degree skillset and the ability to assess and implement CSR across business units. You will see how corporate responsibility is pursued as a core strategy from the board level down; you will see how flat organisational structures and equality in male and female leadership can foster company cultures built on trust and respect; you will see how public policies support sustainability initiatives from startups to mature organisations. 

Examples of learning takeaways include:

  • See multiple viewpoints; grassroots NGOs to Fortune 500 C-Suites
  • Find congruency between responsibility, profitability and strategy
  • Be familiar with relevant regulatory and certification frameworks
  • Know how financial planning and reporting are impacted
  • Understand how to track and report on sustainability performance
  • Be perceptive in how to handle CSR-related communication and PR
  • Identify stakeholders and understand shared value
  • Further develop your ethical management style

The emphasis on sustainable, responsible and ethical business practices taught in the Copenhagen MBA attracts many students who want to discuss and develop their capacity in these areas. You will therefore find yourself surrounded by other up-and-coming leaders who share a common desire to do business in this way. The diversity of the class also ensures that while Scandinavian approaches to doing business are infused into the programme, they act as a starting point for students to generate healthy dialogue and debate. This creates a more global understanding of how different ideas and best practices can be relevantly tailored to various industries or countries.

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