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Life in Copenhagen

The Danish capital is a great place to live and study. The quality of life is high and our business hub is buzzing, with a wide variety of companies offering numerous career opportunities. Plus, there are a variety of visa options available if you decide you would like to stay in the country after completing your MBA.

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Copenhagen: Most Livable City and European Green Capital. Watch the video to learn more.
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A base for business

It is always a challenge to move from one country to another, but it helps when the right infrastructure and services are in place. Denmark offers some of the most optimal conditions for business, having been voted the easiest place in Europe to do business by the World Bank for the fifth year in a row. Copenhagen itself is strategically placed at the heart of the Øresund region, and at CBS we do our utmost to create the best possible learning environment.

Should you decide you would like to stay in Denmark after your MBA, your residence permit will be valid for an additional six months after you complete the programme so that you can look for employment.

Below are some visa options and information about living and working in Denmark.

The Establishment Card

Denmark features one of the most transparent visa systems in the world, so if you would like to stay on and work after your MBA you can apply for an Establishment Card. This will allow you to work and / or set up your own business after finishing your MBA degree. You can read more about the Establishment Card here.

The Pay Limit scheme

After completing your MBA, if you are offered a job that gives you a gross annual pay of no less than DKK 400,000, you can qualify for the Pay Limit scheme. There are no specific requirements with regards to education, profession, or the specific nature of the job. For unlimited job contracts (contracts with no expiration date), the duration of this permit will normally be four years. You can read more about the Pay Limit scheme here.

Accompanying family members

If you hold a residence and work permit in Denmark, or a residence permit as a student at a higher educational programme, you can usually bring your family here as well. A residence permit can be granted to your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner as well as children under the age of 18, who are living with you. See more details about accompanying family members for student visa holders here and   accompanying family members for residence and work permit holders here.

Working in Denmark

Denmark is a hub for some of the world’s top companies in sectors as diverse as shipping, pharmaceuticals, wind energy and equipment for automatic cooling and heating systems. It was recently reported that Danish employees have the second-highest salaries in the world and English is the business language at many international companies.

In a survey conducted by ‘Work in Denmark’, respondents said the following:

•    Denmark is a good place to raise children
•    Danish companies are good at respecting employees’ family lives
•    Denmark has many leisure and cultural opportunities

There are many online resources for foreigners who are considering a life in Denmark. Here are some websites that may help you with your decision:
Denmark - an Entrepreneurial Nation

It is a deep-rooted myth that the USA is the greatest entrepreneurial nation in the world. However, this is not quite true, as Denmark has comparatively more new entrepreneurs than the USA when measured on the number of start-up companies compared with the number of private employees, writes the leading daily, Politiken. Looking at the private employees 4.26 per cent of the Danes have started a new business in the last couple of years, whereas in the USA it is only 3.95 per cent.

As one of the world’s top cities, Copenhagen offers a huge range of possibilities when it comes to lifestyle choices. Denmark also offers one of the world’s top working environments where work-life balance, employee retention and self-development are practiced and prioritised.

Arts, culture, sports, leisure activities, and great food and drink are all easily accessible in many parts of the country. Part of the city’s unique appeal comes from its environmentally-friendly agenda, which is expressed in creative concepts such as city beaches.

Plus, there is no need to leave the city in search of green spaces. All residents live within easy reach of parks and countryside.

Denmark enjoys a full range of seasons, each with its own distinctive features and charm. The contrasts between seasons are great and the scenery is constantly changing all year round. Summers can be quite warm and pleasant with a range of temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius, but be prepared for some rain and cool weather as well. Winters are generally mild with temperatures that seldom fall below zero degrees Celsius. You may encounter a rare snowstorm or a few days of below freezing temperatures.


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