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Leadership Discovery Process

The ‘LDP’ runs alongside the other modules you’ll study over your three trimesters with us. Take a journey of personal and professional development and explore what effective leadership really entails.

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Experiencing the leadership simulator - read more about this practical challenge on the student blog.
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Understanding leadership

Effective leadership demands self-awareness and empathy and the Leadership Discovery Process will help you to develop an in-depth understanding of yourself, learn your true leadership style, appreciate the differences in others and enhance your ability to create and lead diverse teams.

Topics such as cognitive coaching, the functioning of the brain, team dynamics, situational leadership and human understanding are explored. You will be guided to solve specific tasks and reflexive exercises both individually and in teams. The LDP is conducted and overseen by an external consulting firm that specialises in leadership training on a global scale.

Action-based Learning

The focal point of the LDP is a multi-day leadership simulator, conducted in the wilderness of southern Sweden, which will give you the opportunity to approach leadership from a 'learning by doing' perspective. Through a series of outdoor activities, you will take turns to perform as a leader, while receiving feedback from your peers and coaches on how you perform in subjects ranging from teamwork and communication to interpersonal and leadership skills. By the end of the experience, you will be able to create your own frameworks and models for leadership based on practice and reflection.

A Valued Mentor

We run a mentorship programme that is designed to support the LDP. You will be able to discuss practical leadership issues with seasoned executives in Scandinavian firms, and this will enable you to challenge your assumptions about your team members and effectively transfer the theory you have learned into practice.

Having access to experienced executives who will teach and guide you through real-life management challenges, is an aspect of the programme many MBA students find extremely helpful. The skills you will develop, the advice you will receive, and the insight you will gain will bring value for years to come.

Want to know more?

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