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Meet past and present MBA students and hear a first-hand account of why the Copenhagen MBA programme may well work for you too.

Unique stories, invaluable experiences

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A Taste of Copenhagen, Class of 2018 

Wish You Were Here Copenhagen MBA Video 2018

Just before graduation, our MBAs, staff and faculty got together to create this video for GMAC. Wish you were here? You just might, after watching this video...

Khanya Vokwana (South Africa), Class of 2017

Khanya Vokwana Copenhagen MBA video

Khanya from South Africa traded consulting post-MBA for an in-house position with Chr. Hansen in commercial excellence. She very much enjoys the collaborative atmosphere, the famous Danish work/life balance and living in the magnificent city of Copenhagen. Watch her video here.

Fernando Sasdelli (Brazil), Class of 2014

Fernando Sasdelli Copenhagen MBA alumnus

Fernando swapped his native Brazil for Denmark. Since graduating from the Copenhagen MBA in 2014, he has built an exciting career in renewable energy and is now working in innovation for Ørsted in Copenhagen.

Saskia Thiessen (Germany), Georgianna Carlson (Sweden/The Philippines) and Nick Muren (the US), Class of 2016

Copenhagen MBA on MBA Tube June 2016

"I decided to do my MBA at CBS because it offers a unique opportunity to get to know the Scandinavian culture," said Nick, from the US, when MBA Tube came to visit. Meet Nick, Saskia and Georgianna in this video and find out more about their exciting MBA journey so far!

Rethabile Mathabathe (South Africa) and Mark Jackson (the US), Class of 2015

Rethabile Mathabathe and Mark Jackson class of 2015

Find out how an MBA in Copenhagen, the world's most livable city and green capital of the future, transformed these two graduates and prepared them for responsible management challenges ahead in this video.

Richard Hungerford (Canada), Class of 2012 

Richard Hungerford Copenhagen MBA Alumnus

After completing the Copenhagen MBA in 2012, Richard went back to Vancouver to launch a startup in the technology space. He grew it from a team of two to twelve in 18 months and in that time period his company was acquired by Hootsuite. Hear Richard's story and find out more about his success as en entrepreneur in this video.

Matt Corker (Canada), Class of 2012 

Matt Corker Copenhagen MBA Alumnus

Vancouver-based Matt is an author, a performance coach and part of the product team at Lululemon Athletica. Hear why he choose the Copenhagen MBA, why he loved living in Copenhagen and what kind of skills he took away from the experience in this video.

Michael Tong (USA), Class of 2012

Copenhagen MBA Alumnus Michael Tong

"I wanted a small programme which was very international", says Michael. View the video to find out more about what set the Copenhagen MBA apart for this American alumnus.


Joy Hunhammer (Norway), Class of 2013

Prior to doing her MBA at Copenhagen Business School, Joy from Norway worked as a banker and in HR. Through her MBA she has added hard tools to her skillset and gained a different perspective on business. Learn more in this video.

Hrafn Stefansson (Iceland), Class of 2013 

How has the CBS MBA benefited Hrafn, an entrepreneur from Iceland with a background in advertising? Hrafn thinks his newfound skillset and network has opened up an international dimension to business - press play to learn more.

Luke Bywaters (UK), Class of 2013

Social responsibility and Scandinavian management were two factors which made Luke from the UK choose Copenhagen Business School for his MBA year. Find out more about why this Londoner loved living and studying in Copenhagen in this video.

Greg Pannell (UK), Class of 2009

Greg is one of many Copenhagen MBA alumni who decided to stay on in Denmark. Today, he is European Business Development manager for ZyXel. Hear how Greg makes use of the skillset he gained as an MBA student in this video.

Maryam Kazemieh (USA), Class of 2011

Maryam graduated from the Copenhagen MBA in 2011 and makes daily use of her MBA skillset. Find out more about Maryam's MBA experience, why she found the international class composition particularly valuable and how she finds living and working in Denmark in this video.

David Ricci (Italy), Class of 2009 


Having decided to complement his scientist background with an MBA skillset, Davide graduated from the Copenhagen MBA in 2009. Hear more about how Davide implements his MBA skillset in his daily work in this video.

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