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Recruiting MBA Candidates

We offer numerous ways for companies and organisations to collaborate and interact with our MBA students throughout the year. If you are looking for new talent you have come to the right place.

Copenhagen Full-time MBA Corporate Recruiters

Arrange a company specific meet and greet – please contact
Company meet and greet
A snapshot of companies that have recently recruited Copenhagen Full-time MBA students for jobs or strategy projects.
Recruiting companies

Find the best MBA talent

Are you interested in recruiting from our talented pool of diverse professionals? Please contact CBS MBA Career Manager, Claire Hewitson, on or +45 3815 6024 and tell us what you are looking for.

On/Off-campus recruitment

We know that success of a new hire depends very much on company ‘fit’. That is why we offer plenty of opportunities for you to get to know our students, see them in action and help them to get to know you too:

  • "Meet and Greet": MBAs meet employees or hiring managers at organised company events.
  • Case competition: MBAs work in groups to solve strategic challenges for companies, presenting ideas to a panel of corporate judges.
  • Workshops or round table discussions: These get-togethers will revolve around a business challenge or other topical business issues.
  • CBS recruitment season: A series of MBA talent recruitment events in May /June that are specifically for recruiting companies.

Company Access to the MBA Talent Pool

  • Find the right MBA talent for your open positions. To fill specific roles, contact our MBA Career Manager directly to filter and source the relevant MBA talent from the current class as well as from our alumni pool.
  • Advertise with us. Contact us to advertise job within our CBS MBA networks completely free of charge.
  • Search our class profiles. Access the Copenhagen Full-time MBA CV Book at any time to view the current class profiles.
  • Let MBA students solve your strategic challenges in the Integrated Strategy Project. During the last four months of the MBA, students will work with a company to solve a strategic challenge. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to work closely with a small group of talented MBA consultants and evaluate their specific skills.

Want to Meet with Potential Candidates

If you wish to interview or meet with potential candidates here on campus, our CBS MBA Career Manager will provide you with full assistance. And even better, you won’t need to pay for this or any of the other services listed on this page.

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