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Magdalena Niederwieser

Magdalena Niederwieser, Admissions Manager
Email: Phone: +45 3815 6016

Career Services

CBS MBA Claire Hewitson
Claire Hewitson, Head of Career Services
Email Phone: +45 3815 6024


Malene Sejer Larsen, Career Manager
Email: Phone: +45 3815 6045


Gitte Kramhøft Jakobsen, Head of Programme Management
Email: Phone: + 45 3815 6027

Rikke Jørnsdatter Nørgaard, Programme Manager
Email: Phone: +45 3815 6026


Michala Røder, Alumni Relations Manager
Email: Phone: +45 3815 6021


Anna Kristiansen CBS
Anna Kristiansen, Content Marketing Manager
Email:  Phone: +45 3815 6055

diana belea

Diana Belea, Marketing Manager
Email: Phone: +45 3815 6019


Poul Hedegaard, MBA Director
Email:   Phone: +45 3815 6049


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