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"For me, MBA stands for My Best Advice”. At CBS, we are proud of our alumni and would like to give them the opportunity to tell their own story. How has the Executive MBA programme benefited them? What have the graduates and their organisations taken away from the experience? How has the senior executive network added value to participants' day-to-day working lives? We will allow them to explain…

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Explore the Concentrations in this video!


As part of your CBS EMBA, you will be able to choose from four concentrations: Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship, Governance & Sustainability or Finance. 

In the Digitalisation concentration you will learn to embrace innovation and harness the capabilities of digital technology to inform your strategic thinking and transform every area of business. This concentration will give you practical tools to drive change in the digital economy. 

In the Entrepreneurship concentration you will learn to understand key aspects of the entrepreneurial journey along with frameworks and methods to help manage the inevitable uncertainty which are all valuable tools for start-ups and established companies facing transformation. 

In the Governance & Sustainability concentration we will explore the need for strong leadership in understanding business risks and opportunities in an age of sustainability. In this concentration you will be learn to understand the importance of corporate governance and sustainability for the leader of the future. 

In the Finance concentration you will learn to understand how companies finance their operations and investments while simultaneously controlling risks and fulfilling the expectations of their stakeholders. 

Check out the video above to explore the different concentrations. 

 Podcasts -Listen to the students perspective on the EMBA courses

Below three podcasts are in Danish. Each podcast introduces and evaluates the three terms that make up the CBS EMBA with Flexibility:

Term 1/Executive Certificate in General Management (in 60 minutes)
Term 2/Executive Certificate in Business Analysis and Leadership (in 60 minutes)
Term 3: The final module, including the Integrated Strategy Project or the Master Thesis (in 60 minutes)

All podcasts can be found here:


Would you like the brief version? Listen to this in English that introduces CBS EMBA in fifteen minutes:


Libby Barhoumeh, Entrepreneur in Residence at G/N Hearing A/S, and Executive MBA Participant 

The CBS Executive MBA Concentration in Digitalisation - Candidate experience

Meet candidate Libby Barhoumeh, Entrepreneur in Residence at GN Hearing A/S and current Executive MBA candidate and find out how she experienced the Concentration in Digitalisation in this video.

From scientist to commercial director with the CBS EMBA: Meet Nathalie Breysse, Director Global Strategic Marketing Pipeline, Lundbeck

CBS EMBA Nathalie Breysse

“The world is changing very fast. As global leaders, not only do we need to understand our business and the organisation we work for, but also envision and embrace the macro environmental factors in order to evolve and excel.” Nathalie Breysse is a scientist turned commercial director with Lundbeck. Meet Nathalie and learn more about her EMBA journey in this video.

Susanne Lundby, VP, Finance, and Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO, PensionDanmark

CBS EMBA alumnus Susanne Lundby

How did the CBS EMBA move Susanne Lundby, VP of Finance for PensionDanmark, from a manager to a leader? How has her final strategy project benefitted PensionDanmark? Meet alumna Susanne Lundby and PensionDanmark’s CEO Torben Möger Pedersen in this video.

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe, Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe CBS EMBA video 2018

Tine Weisshappel Holmboe, an architect keen to complement her skillset with an Executive MBA, funded the degree herself as she wanted to see where it took her. Afterwards, she landed a dream job at the Danish Association of Architectural Firms. Hear her story in this video.

What is the CBS Global EMBA? Meet Trine Storgaard Nielsen and Marco Harms

CBS GEMBA video thumbnail Trine Storgaard Nielsen

Meet 2016 graduates Trine Storgaard Nielsen and Marco Harms in this video and find out how the CBS Global Executive MBA has furthered their careers and propelled their organisations forward.

What is the CBS EMBA with Flexibility? Meet Paul Hargreaves and Louise Lerche-Gredal

2016 CBS EMBA graduate Louise Lerche-Gredal

Meet 2016 graduates Paul Hargreaves and Louise Lerche-Gredal in this video and find out how the CBS EMBA with Flexibility enhanced their professional profiles and added value to their organisations. Also in the video: Prof. and CBS EMBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid explains the programme progression and format.

Michael Jensen, Nordic Area General Manager, Lloyd's Register

LloydsRegister Michael Jensen

During the course of his CBS Executive MBA, Michael Jensen was able to satisfy some of the demanding challenges that Lloyd's Register faced. In fact, his final strategy project was directly relevant to an urgent business issue. Hear from Michael Jensen as well as his manager Stuart Ainsworth in this video.

Joan Hentze, Deputy Consul General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark New York

#[<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4FUnPvcoDH8?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>]#

Joan Hentze CBS EMBA Alumnus and Ambassador

Joan Hentze is Deputy Consul General at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in New York and a CBS Executive MBA Alumnus. Hear from Joan and her boss, the Ambassador of Denmark to New York, to find out how she and the Ministry gained profound insight into the world of business.

Watch additional student and alumni testimonials on the CBS EMBA Youtube channel.

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