Executive MBA Options

Career Impact

When you decide to study for a CBS Executive MBA, you open the door to a world of opportunities. This important decision will benefit you for the rest of your career, and your organisation will benefit from your increased insight and the opportunity to resolve its strategic challenges.

Top marks for career progression

In the Financial Times’ E-MBA Ranking 2016, the CBS E-MBA was highly rated and ranked - top 50 worldwide climbing a further 12 places since 2015.

The rating is calculated based on changes in our participants’ seniority of position and size of company before and after participating in our programme. In short: our alumni achieve their career goals thanks to our support and training. And by incorporating the real life challenges faced by your organisation into your studies, the CBS Executive MBA optimises your time away from work.

Projects designed to propel your organisation forwards

With a CBS E-MBA you can open your company to the world and apply some of the consultancy reports within your organisation. For practically all the exams following each course, you are to identify an issue within your organisation, which is relevant to analyse and provide solutions and implementation plans for, during your studies. This adds value back into your own organisation (Return On Investment) both for you (to make sure that you are able to directly apply the learnings in your worklife) and for your management and board having an 'internal consultant' working on an issue combining it with the E-MBA scope and analysing your current performance applying the latest tools and business areas. This can open for a lot of new opportunities and new ways of seeing the market and competitors - current as well as potential. At the same time they can evaluate the process, the abilities and whether they would like the employee to maybe also implement it in the organisation.

As a result, you could boost your organisation’s performance, thus ensuring that your E-MBA brings immediate, tangible ROI.

The final Integrated Strategy Project (thesis) is designed so that you may make the most of the outcome and present it as an executive summary to your board.

Other benefits include:

  • The CBS Executive MBA will teach you the latest management skills that can be immediately applied to your everyday work.
  • The modules abroad are designed for you and your organisation to gain first-hand knowledge about businesses at international business hot spots.
  • The broad range of professionals attending the CBS Executive MBA will enable you to increase your company's network and propel your organisation forward.
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