Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics

Learning environment

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics aims at giving you unrivalled insight into shipping economics and modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.



A unique holistic approach to shipping and logistics

The programme adopts a holistic view of shipping - integrating commercial, technological and financial aspects as well as maritime law and supply-chain management, and leadership challenges - which is unique. Upon graduation, you will have developed a complete understanding of the challenges in this sector. The programme will take you to the top international level in business administration, reflecting the needs of the industry in a world, where globalisation, enhanced competition, and the speed of technological change place ever-increasing demands on executive management skills.

Programme content overview

Four governing themes are evident throughout the programme:

  • leadership challenges
  • globalisation of the world economy
  • implications of information and communication technology development
  • changes in logistics requirements.

The final Integrated Strategy Project serves two purposes:

  • for the candidate, the aim is to integrate all topics covered in the programme by using real-world data on a problem related to the candidate’s own company
  • for the candidate’s company, the aim is to have a strategic issue thoroughly analysed, with proposed solutions and implementation plans.

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics is a modular programme with eight week-long modules over the course of 22 months, supported by a virtual platform. Individual/group assignments and group discussions enhance the learning process.

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"The Blue MBA has a ‘buzz’ which I really enjoy. It is a great programme for bright young managers who have made shipping their business and want the professional tools to succeed. Teaching mid-career students with the knowledge and experience to participate is an exciting challenge and the one-week module system provides the ideal framework.”   

Martin STOPFORD Managing Director Clarkson Research Studies