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Location Copenhagen

Located in the beating heart of the Øresund region, Copenhagen is a buzzing business hub and home to a wide variety of companies offering numerous opportunities. Perhaps better still, Copenhagen is also a delightful place to live – the quality of life is high, green spaces are easily accessible, and a majority of the population use bikes to get around, setting the standards for low-emission living.

Location Copenhagen for EMBA

Denmark: Voted easiest country in Europe to do business by the World Bank.

Copenhagen Living

A lively and charming city, Copenhagen is regularly voted among the top cities in the world to live and work. And with good reason. Why? Here are the jewels in Copenhagen’s crown:

  • Safety and security: the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • Green city: Copenhagen is world renowned for leading the sustainability agenda in transportation, energy, waste management and other aspects of city development.
  • Biking culture: more than a third of the population commutes by bicycle and there are more than 390km of designated lanes around the city.
  • Efficient public transport: the city’s underground system has been given the prize for best Metro in the world.
  • The World’s Best Restaurants: Copenhagen is home to ten restaurants that have received Michelin awards – great news for the culinary explorer!

Furthermore, Denmark offers some of the most optimal conditions for business, having been voted the easiest place in Europe to do business by the World Bank 2012-2019.

Working in Denmark

Denmark is a hub for some of the world’s top companies in sectors as diverse as shipping, pharmaceuticals, wind energy and equipment for automatic cooling and heating systems. It was recently reported that Danish employees have the second-highest salaries in the world and English is the business language at many international companies.

In a survey conducted by ‘Work in Denmark’, respondents noted the following:

•    Denmark is a good place to raise children
•    Danish companies are good at respecting employees’ family lives
•    Denmark has many leisure and cultural opportunities

There are many online resources for foreigners who are considering a life in Denmark. Here are some websites that may help you with your decision:
Denmark - an Entrepreneurial Nation

Thought that the USA was the greatest entrepreneurial nation in the world? Think again. Denmark has relatively more new entrepreneurs than the USA (number of start-up companies compared with the number of private employees), says leading Danish broadsheet Politiken. It found that 4.26 per cent of Danes have started a new business in the last couple of years, while in the USA it is only 3.95 per cent.

As you might expect, Copenhagen offers a progressive and modern European lifestyle, with Arts, culture, sports, leisure and gastronomic attractions all on your doorstep. Part of the city’s uniqueness comes from an environmentally-friendly agenda, which is apparent in creative concepts such as the city beaches. Denmark also offers one of the world’s top working environments where work-life balance and self development are encouraged.

Denmark enjoys a full range of seasons, each with its own distinctive features and charm. The contrasts between seasons are great and the scenery is constantly changing all year round. Summers can be quite warm and pleasant with a range of temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius, but be prepared for some rain and cool weather as well. Winters are generally mild with temperatures that seldom fall below zero degrees Celsius. You may encounter a rare snowstorm or a few days of below freezing temperatures.


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