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With its innovative personalised approach, our EMBA will allow you to develop your knowledge in the areas that will benefit you the most, start on a date that suits you and study at a pace that is just right. The CBS EMBA is about more than just career acceleration. It is about inspiration and collaboration. It is about learning to lead your organisation in a more holistic and sustainable way.


EMBA Experience


CBS is founded in Scandinavian business values, renowned across the globe for their unique influence on management style and culture. CBS offers an inspirational environment for leaders wanting to set themselves up for long-term success by being on the forefront of sustainable business practices and cutting-edge research in this field.

Our businesses deliver creativity, innovation and growth in a world that is increasingly fast-paced and data driven. They consider society and its people to be as important as profits. And they seek out diversity and the benefits it brings.


Our EMBA is truly global in outlook, with modules taking place in six cities around the world. You will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, new ways of working and new perspectives to inspire and inform your evolving leadership style.

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The CBS EMBA is designed to ensure you benefit from the connections you make and the networks you create. Study alongside executives from a diverse mix of industries and backgrounds in an intimate setting that will allow you to benefit from valuable conversations and the personal attention of experienced staff and mentors.


By allowing you to choose cases and exam projects from your own organisation, we enable you to put your newfound knowledge straight into practice. Learn how to stand back and appreciate the bigger picture, lead your teams strategically and create immediate ROI for your employer.

See Career Impact for more information about how an Executive MBA from CBS can influence not only your career but also your organisation.

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