Executive MBA Options

Fees and Funding

It can be a challenge to get the finances in place. Here you will find information relating to fees, financing and funds.

Fees and Expenses

The tuition fee for the Executive MBA program is DKK 425,000 payable in six installments over two budget years.

When taking the stepwise approach known as the CBS Executive Certificates the cost is as outlined:

• Executive Certificate in General Management: DKK 105,000
• Executive Certificate in Business Analysis and Leadership: DKK 135,000
• Concentration: DKK 60,000
• Managing Strategic Execution: DKK 145,000

Total: DKK 445,000

The tuition fee includes all expenses associated with your study apart from the accommodation in Copenhagen, flight tickets, travel insurance and other travel costs. For Non-EU citizens there is a study tax of 16,000 DKK, levied by the Danish Government. 

Please note that the tuition fee is subject to change both in price and in the planning of the program.

For more information about the tuition fee and pricing structure, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


Executive MBA participants tend to be partially or fully sponsored through their employers. We do not require a formal declaration of support from your employer, but it is important to get your employer's approval particularly when it comes to taking time away from work.

The Executive MBA will provide many benefits for you as well as your employer. If you would like support to build a convincing business case we will be happy to help, providing you with compelling results and solid evidence based on past participant performance.
Please contact us for information.


If you are employed in Denmark, you may be able to finance your EMBA through salary deductions at source (known as gross pay schemes, salary restructuring or flexible pay package).

With this scheme, the cost of tuition will initially be paid by your employer and subsequently come out of your gross salary before taxes. More information on the gross salary deduction scheme can be found on the Danish Tax Authorities' homepage here and here (in Danish).


The Danish Maritime Fund supports initiatives that serve to develop the Danish maritime industry. If you work in this industry you may be eligible for funding.
Learn more on their website.

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