Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics

Where and when

The demand for advanced education within professional fields of study has grown in recent years. This demand has urged a shift towards industry-driven programmes where senior and mid-career managers seek higher competencies.

Eight modules

The programme consists of eight modules, each of which is followed by an individual assignment, plus a final integrated strategy project (ISP); which constitute the final master thesis.
When you graduate from the programme, you will have acquired the following:

You will be competitive for the international job market as you will have received relevant and rigorous (= research based) insight and knowledge provided by academic faculty in cooperation with high level executives. In the programme, interdisciplinary knowhow is transferred through workshops, seminars and the interdisciplinary project – combining shipping, law, economics, operations/supply chain management, marketing, organisation and finance. You will acquire content knowledge as well as social knowledge through the diversity in faculty and class composition.

You will possess the theories, methods, tools needed to understand the whole complexity of the industry. You will also further your social skills by coaching techniques, negotiation skills, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication training.

You will be able to apply the set of theories, methods and tools and you will be able to solve strategic, tactical and operative problems covering the whole range of shipping related issues. You will also be able to apply social skills to demonstrate leadership.

60 ECT points

Module content and location

Please find an overview of the modules and dates below for the programme starting in September 2023.

CBS Blue MBA module content and location


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“Joining the EMBA in Shipping and Logistics was probably the best career move for me; it prepared me to meet the challenges of growth and innovation, strengthened my implementation capabilities, enhanced my ability to transfer accumulated knowledge and experience to others and equipped me to better understand and address leadership challenges.” Óli Hans Hammer Olsen, Managing Director, Faeroese Maritime Administration, (Class of 2001-2003)

“During the course of the programme, participants are exposed to a unique network in this industry, which offers them the best learning opportunities and taps into the vast business experiences.” Carsten Melchiors,
Secretary-General, BIMCO

“This MBA provides the expertise of shipping industry executives who bring in real experiences, which complements the academic theories. This, together with the participants’ experiences, results in an extremely dynamic and interactive learning environment.” Jens Søndergaard, Vice-President, J. Lauritzen A/S