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The Executive building at CBS has been designed by Henning Larsen Architects and is characterised by open space, panoramic views of the park and lots of natural light. Creating an inspiring learning environment where our students can thrive is at the top of our list.


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Outstanding facilities in the heart of Copenhagen

CBS is a modern university with its main campus located in modern buildings in Frederiksberg, close to the heart of Copenhagen. The Executive MBA programmes are housed at Råvarebygningen previously the raw materials storage building in Porcelænshaven (The Porcelain Garden), an area formerly occupied by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. This building has now been imaginatively converted into a competition-winning design by Henning Larsen Architects.

The CBS Library

The CBS Library, which is also Denmark's National Library for Business Economics and contains the most comprehensive catalogue of books on all aspects of organisational and business life in Denmark. With more than 300,000 volumes and access to more than 5,000 electronic journals and publications, it is the only place in Denmark where Executive MBA participants can enjoy the level of access to up-to-date knowledge and business research. The CBS Online Library is continuously being improved in order to integrate e-resources with the traditional library collection, so that staff and students have easy access to all e-resources both on and off campus.
Life at CBS

The CBS campus covers a big part of Frederiksberg with research and teaching facilities at Solbjerg Plads, Dalgas Have, Kilen (The Wedge), Howitzvej and Porcelænshaven. Each facility has a unique architectural style and atmosphere that contributes to making CBS a special place. As an Executive MBA participant based at Porcelænshaven you will have opportunities to visit most of the sites on campus. In each of the buildings you will find computer facilities, rooms for group work and cafes. The Campus Facilities page provides more information on the facilities and amenities available. As an Executive MBA participant and alumnus you will get access to exclusive MBA events, where you will be given the opportunity to hear some of the leading lecturers on various business subjects. The themes of the events varies and we try to make them as diversified as possible to meet your needs and get you inspired.
CBS Maritime

CBS Maritime was launched in early 2013 and aims to coordinate the maritime activities and competencies at CBS and develop maritime research and teaching in close association with the business community. With CBS Maritime, the Blue MBA and the CBS maritime research have become closer connected. The concentration of maritime expertise across CBS maritime study programmes and courses as well as research environment will be of benefit for all parties.


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