Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (AKA: The Blue MBA) has a world-class reputation in the maritime industry and has been specifically designed for high-potential shipping executives.

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About the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics

The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (a.k.a. the Blue MBA) will give you unrivalled insight into shipping economics and modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector. As of 2022, the programme has 304 graduates sitting in executive positions all over the world. Join one of the top shipping and maritime professionals networks and study alongside inspiring leaders from around the globe. Our unrivalled MBA programme is designed for high-potential shipping executives.

A unique holistic approach to shipping and logistics

Throughout the programme, you will learn to adopt a holistic view of shipping that integrates commercial, technological and financial aspects as well as maritime law, supply chain management and leadership challenges.

Upon graduation, you will have developed a complete understanding of the challenges in this sector and have a full understanding of the industry's needs in a world where globalisation, enhanced competition, and the speed of technological change place ever-increasing demands on executive management skills.

The following governing themes are evident throughout the programme:

  • Market understanding
  • Leadership
  • Information technology
  • Globalisation
  • Environmental issues and the decarbonisation of shipping 
  • Strategic planning

Teaching takes place in state-of-the-art facilities in Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Irene has been named the #1 Woman in Shipping 

"We proved that we can indeed go beyond welcoming only people with a technical background, which might have excluded some women, and create an all-inclusive executive education with a level playing field for women who will be groomed as the upcoming leaders for the industry.  By championing diversity, the Blue MBA is supporting our female colleagues to take their rightful place at the helm of the industry, ensuring they have a platform from which to build successful and rewarding careers." Click here to read Irene Rosberg's thank you note. 

2021 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Programme

2021 marked the 20th Anniversary of the programme! We celebrate our Founding Programme Director, Irene Rosberg, because through her unassailable work ethic and dedication the programme has maintained a vital relevance to the sectors served. So far the programme has graduated over 300 candidates – from 45+ countries – who all hold senior management positions globally and here in our Danish capitol which is one of the leading hubs of shipping innovation. Irene recruits classes as diverse as possible both geographically and industry specific, and she has helped bridge the gender gap by encouraging female executives. She emphasises the essential “human element” to the digitalisation of the industry and ensures that participants learn from each other, their tutors, and are integrated into a lasting and close network of professionals so that lifelong learning is made possible.

It is for these reasons and so many more that the Blue MBA is the #1 Shipping and Logistics MBA in the world.

Covid update in Denmark

Restrictions have been lifted as of February 1st, 2022. For more information please click here.  

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"The Blue MBA has a ‘buzz’ which I really enjoy. It is a great programme for bright young managers who have made shipping their business and want the professional tools to succeed. Teaching mid-career students with the knowledge and experience to participate is an exciting challenge and the one-week module system provides the ideal framework.”   

Martin STOPFORD Managing Director Clarkson Research Studies