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Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators

The European Union confronts expanded inequalities across a range of areas from gender, to generational, wealth, mobility and opportunity. One underlying factor common to these expanded inequalities is deficiencies in fiscal systems. The ‘Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators’ (COFFERS) project seeks to redress these deficiencies as policy innovation at national, regional and international levels undergoes a period of accelerated development.

How to get to Copenhagen Business School
CBS is situated various places on Frederiksberg, which is a part of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The COFFERS course will take place at Dalgas Have 15.
PDF iconcbs-campusmap
There are a number of hotels nearby CBS. Please check the link above.

Accomodation is to be arranged and paid by the participant.
Costs to be paid by the participant
Travel and hotel to be paid directly by the participant.

Catering during the days DKK 975,00 (app. 130 Euro)
Description of the course
PDF iconmaster elective
Written product (synopsis maximum 10 pages) delivered on a specified date and time.
Oral examination (to be conducted via video conferencing where appropriate) on basis of extended synopsis
Evaluated on grade Danish scale
A re-examination opportunity will be offered in cases of sickness or inability to complete first exam as scheduled. Any re-take will take the same from as the first exam.
Information for students at the Master of Tax programme
A number of seats are offered to Master of tax students. The course will count as an elective course at the Master of tax programme.


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