Strategy as practice in Edinburgh

MPG har et samarbejde med Edinburgh University Business School, UK. Det betyder, at du som MPG-studerende har mulighed for at følge et fag på et udenlandsk universitet. Strategy as practice indgår som et valgfag på MPG uddannelsen. CBS står for den officielle del af udvekslingsaftalen, og den praktiske del i forhold til tilmelding. Du skal selv sørge for overnatning og transport.


Explore the strategy-making process in public sector organizations and get a deeper understanding of strategy by focusing on the actual practice of strategizing.


  • Understanding how strategy works in practice.
  • Awareness of organizational, cultural, and politcial dimensions of strategy making.
  • Learning from leading UK public sector organization.
  • Understanding how to create impactful strategies.
  • Awareness of the unintended consequences and paradoxes of strategy.
  • Critical reflection on leadership in the public sector.

This year’s elective at The University of Edinburgh Business School will take place in partnership with the Scottish Police’ Violence Reduction Unit who agreed to be our case study partner. The Unit is a true public sector innovator, having introduced new methods and strategies of policing that have been very effective. When they started in the 2000s they changed the conventional logic of policing with an approach informed by epidemiology, i.e. the idea that violence spreads and is preventable. The case will be a great learning opportunity for you with interest in managing and influencing strategically across sectors.


  • Which tools and maps contribute to an effective strategy process? 
  • How to engage diverse stakeholders, including the public through new forms of participatory democracy? 
  • How to organize collaborations between the public, private and third sector? 
  • How to leverage strategy for internal cultural change processes? 
  • How are politics and power entangled in the strategy process and how to manage them? 
  • How to account for outcomes of the strategy process and monitor success?


You will get theory inputs and tolls for thinking strategic in your home organization. You will work with live case study on the Scottish Police Violence Reduction Unit and discuss, in groups with your fellow participants of senior public sector leaders, how to translate learnings to your organization.


The exam will be in form of an individual essay 5-7 pages submitted after the course. In the essay you presents your reflections on theory and problems in the curriculum. The weighting is primarily on the discussion and argumentation.

TEACHER Martin Kornberger, Edinburgh University Business School

15/11, 16/11, 17/11

Intro webinar 29/10 kl. 15-16

LOCATION Edinburgh University Business School

Individual essay submitted after the course. The Essay should be 5-7 normal pages. One page is 2275 items including spaces.

Hand in: 29/11

PRICE DKK 16.300 + travel, accomodation and material expenses


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