Digitalization of Finance

The course "Digitalization of Finance" will focus on the ways in which digital technologies are changing the rules of competition in finance. Instead of competing on scale and fortified business positions, competition is turning to speed and digital innovations.

From a managerial perspective, the financial sector is moving from being stable, conservative, closed, and local to being disrupted by new entrants and internet giants with very different industry dynamics and risk profile. Fundamentally, this requires a complete rethinking of governance, strategic risk, and compliance (GRC) issues. The intention is to give participants a strong, skill based, value driven, and ethical foundation for their careers. 

This course is a part of the new specialization in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. The course can be taken separately, as a single course, or in combination with the two other courses constituting the GRC specialization. It is possible to integrate the specialization or the course within the full master degree in Business Development (MBD).The GRC specialization consists of three courses:

Purpose and description of the course

Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the ways in which organizations create value from business activities, processes, products, and services. The financial sector is no exception, actually it is one of the most digitalized industries. Interestingly, the financial sector was one of the most stable and conservative industries, but is now facing dramatic changes. This course focuses on the new digital reality that the financial industry faces, including the thousands of FinTech startups that are challenging the stability of the industry, the Internet giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Alibaba that are rushing to claim a piece of the pie, the new technologies that fundamentally transform banking processes, and the regulatory changes that force the industry to open up. All these changes must be understood to ensure a prosperous and healthy financial sector.

This course will focus on the ways in which digital technologies are changing the rules of competition in finance. Instead of competing on scale and fortified business positions, competition is turning to speed and novelty of digital innovations. Instead of competing only as individual firms, companies compete in ecosystems and through digital platforms. So, in this course we cover how digitalization transforms the rules of competition. We will discuss the role of FinTech that carries this transformation, and how companies in the financial service must develop the means to compete on digital innovation. Furthermore, this course will also revisit the basics of financial industries, namely money and payments.


Key themes in the course

  • Digital innovation
  • Fintech
  • Competition
  • Money and payments

Your learning outcome

During this theme, you will:

  • Become knowledgeable of the digitalization of finance and its key drivers.
  • Develop an understanding of how competition is changing the financial sector and how digitalization, new competitors, and digital technologies influence this change.
  • Apply theories and models of the theme to digital technologies, your own organization, or its competitors.


Who should attend this course

The specialization is designed for the experienced employee within the financial sector. Employees, including managers, who need to improve and develop their competencies, and who are looking to understand how to integrate their current or future compliance and risk management work within the overall value chain of their company are encouraged to apply. The course can be taken as a single course or as part of a full Master of Business Development.


Professor MSO Jonas Hedman, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Associate Professor Rob Gleasure, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Taught only in English

Preconditions for your participation

The participant must fulfill the admission requirements of the programme


4 days of teaching from 9-17 o'clock on the following dates:

Fall 2020

1th course (LA): 09/09, 10/09, 23/09 & 24/09
2th course (LB): 26/11, 27/11, 09/12 & 10/12


Spring 2021:

8th & 9th March + 22th & 23th March 

At CBS, Dalgas Have 15. 2000 Frederiksberg


The exam is carried out as a home assignment, where a written product has to be submitted.
Dates of submission:
1th course (LA):  28th Okt 2020 no later than 12pm
2th course (LB): 15th Jan 2021 no later than 12pm
Spring 2021:
Dates of submission
23th April,  no later than 12pm

Type of course



6 ECTS-point


Min. participants: 10

Max. participants: 30 


20.000 DKK, including catering - excluding costs of books

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