Big Data and Analytics

The course Big Data and Analytics provides you with the tools to handle data sets, perform big data analysis and utilize data for business value generation.

Purpose and description of the course

Most companies have accumulated a surfeit of business data: customer data, performance-related data, current and historic operational data, data from employees’ engagement surveys, etc. Yet, only few can make extensive use of data to drive evidence-based management decisions, support business development and transformation. Why so?

In addition to the need of owning data of a reasonable quality, developing a solid ground for evidence-based decisions requires having the right people, with the advanced analytical skills and scientific rigor in modeling and interpretation of the results.

The course provides participants with a deep understanding of the nature of big data and business analytics, and a practical toolkit on how to perform big data analysis. Our focus is on discovering different ways to generate business value from in-house and open big data sets for the purpose of increasing competitiveness in the global marketplace.

After having attended this course, you will gain knowledge about paradigms for generating competitive advantages and business value from new technologies. Furthermore, you will understand the logic behind business and big data analytics. The course also focuses on the importance of providing evidence to sustain managerial claims, applying an analytical process that covers all activities from problem formulation to result communication, and reflecting on and managing potential pitfalls.

You will be introduced to the Centre for Business Data Analytics framework for transforming big data sets into business assets by creating meaningful facts, actionable insights, valuable outcomes, and sustainable impacts. Building on the experience of Human Capital Analytics Group at CBS, you will learn about the different kinds of human capital analytics projects that can be carried out on corporate data. Projects that supports corporate transformation and business development by linking people and performance.

Key themes in the course

  • Conceptual Framework for Business and Big Data Analytics
  • Framework for Value Generation from New Technologies
  • Methods and Tools for Visual Analytics, Text Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Pilot Project on your own company’s business data set.

Your learning outcome

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Obtain conceptual knowledge about big data, business data, big data analytics and business data analytics
  • Apply the framework for business value generation from new technologies to your own company
  • Acquire procedural skills about methods and tools for business analytics in terms of visual, text and predictive analytics
  • Analyze business data sets to generate meaningful facts, actionable insights, valuable outcomes and sustainable impacts
  • Create a business analytics report as well as presenting and reflecting on the learning experiences.

Who should attend this course

The course target managers and specialists working with, or interested in working with, external and internal data for different business functions such as Customer Segmentation, Human Capital Analytics, Predictive Maintenance etc. The course is also open for professionals who would like to understand the power of analytics and get knowledge about how to use data for evidence-based management decisions. The course can be taken as a single course or as part of a full Master of Business Development.


Professor Ravi Vatrapu, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Professor Dana Minbaeva, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Taught only in English

Preconditions for your participation

Participants are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of management and experience with Excel. Furthermore the participant must fulfill the admission requirements of the programme


4 days of teaching from 9-17 o'clock on dates:


Fall: 26/11, 27/11, 03/12 and 04/12 2020


Oral test based on project report in the form of a PPT.

Date of submission: 04/01 2021

Date of oral defense: 14/01 & 15/01 2021

Type of course



6 ECTS-point


Min. participants: 10

Max. participants: 30 


20.000 DKK excluding costs of books

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