CBS strives to assure high quality in all its services

Quality assurance at CBS includes the following regular activities:

  • International accreditations (EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB)
  • International Benchmarks as a recurrent activity
  • Peer review of research departments at least once every 5 years
  • Institutional accreditation in accordance with Danish legislation
  • Course and Programme evaluations as a regular activity at the end of each element

Quality in teaching

At CBS quality in teaching includes the following elements:

  • Clear learning goals for the programme and individual courses, describing expected student competences at the end of the programme
  • A curriculum that reflects the newest international knowledge within the disciplines of the programme
  • Pedagogical models that support the attainment of the learning goals
  • Measurement and follow up on the realization of the intended learning goals, with regular and systematic feedback to the programme committee and course responsible
  • Systematic dialogue with external stakeholders in order to certify that the programme maintains to meet the needs from business and society
  • A teaching staff with academic and pedagogical competences to deliver research based teaching at the highest international level
  • An administration and campus facilities that optimally support the students’ learning and personal development

Quality policies

Documents pertaining to CBS' programme quality:

PDF iconEducational Quality Policy

PDF iconCBS Programme Quality Handbook

PDF iconNordic Nine

PDF iconRecurring Program Peer Review

CBS’ pedagogical principles

Rules for planning of teaching activities

PDF iconRules for planning of teaching activities (in Danish)

PDF iconResearch­ Based education at CBS

Establishment and discontinuation of programs

PDF iconManaging part-time faculty at CBS

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