CBS strives to assure high quality in all its services

Educational quality assurance at CBS

An essential objective of CBS’ quality policy is to ensure that our programmes are founded on the knowledge basis of the individual programme, as described in the programme regulations. This includes that our programmes are linked to relevant academic environments and based on new knowledge.

To this end, CBS has a number of policies to help ensure quality of the programmes on a day to day basis. 

The policies cover different areas to ensure minimum standards and monitoring processes.


Read the policies

PDF iconEducational Quality Policy
PDF iconNordic Nine
PDF iconCBS Programme Quality Handbook
PDF iconRecurring Programme Peer Review
CBS’ pedagogical principles
PDF iconManaging part-time faculty at CBS
PDF iconOprettelse og nedlæggelse af uddannelser
PDF iconAnvendelse af undervisningsressourcer


Sidst opdateret: Business Intelligence // 15/04/2021