• 14.10.2014

    Workshop: Markets for Collective Concerns

    Despite the recent fall-out of finance, confidence in the market does not seem to be diminishing, but on the contrary, market mechanisms are becoming key instruments to deal with core contemporary collective concerns such as environmental pollution, security of supply of energy, quality of education, poverty and health care. On December 11 and 12 the Markets and Valuation Cluster hosts a workshop with a lineup of very remarkable scholars devoted to discuss the proliferation of markets that have been devised – not only to work economically – but also to solve key contemporary collective issues.
  • 26.09.2014

    CBS at Science in the City Festival

    The Science in the City 2014, which ran from the 21st -26th of June, offered many interesting presentations and events from educational institutions and companies from across Denmark. CBS was of course represented at the festival, and throughout the week you could see the bridge-building universe of CBS unfold under the old roof beams of the old Carlsbergbyen
  • 25.10.2013

    CBS starts online teaching

    From 2014, CBS will be among the global providers of free online teaching at graduate level. The courses will be offered via the website, which has over 100 university partners, including CBS.
  • 01.10.2013

    CBS recruits world-leading scholar in entrepreneurship

    CBS and Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP) have recruited a world-leading scholar in entrepreneurship, professor William B. Gartner (Bill Gartner). From August 2013 Bill Gartner is professor of Entrepreneurship and the Art of Innovation at MPP.