• 30.05.2018

    CBS in June

    How do we create sustainability through partnerships? A number of companies, politicians and researchers will share their thoughts on this subject, including the American philosopher Edward Freeman, known by most people who know about stakeholder theory. This is one of many events at CBS in June, which also includes plenty of PhD defences, a workshop on e-export, a seminar on social media impact on our health and CBS’ summer university which is attended by more than 70 different nationalities.
  • 23.05.2018

    Sustainability: CBS is new member of UN Global Compact

    Copenhagen Business School has committed to support the corporate sustainability initiative, UN Global Compact. The support is also being recognised Thursday 24 May when the Executive Director of the UN initative Lise Kingo will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award during the annual CBS Alumni Day.
  • 09.05.2018

    Bank money laundering issues – find an expert

    The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has seriously criticised Danske Bank in the Estonian money laundering case. Find a researcher at CBS who can give an opinion on the reputation of banks, corporate governance, anti-corruption, taxation and more.
  • 09.05.2018

    CBS’ contributions as OECD Knowledge Partner 2018

    Facebook’s impact on human rights, a graphical exercise about inequality and a critical approach to the digital transformation of work. These are some of the contributions from CBS when we participate in the OECD Forum as knowledge partner in the end of May. The focus is “What brings us together”.
  • 08.05.2018

    Fewer departments at CBS

    CBS will reduce the number of departments from 14 to 11 in an effort to create stronger research, education and teaching environments. All members of staff remain on board.
  • 30.04.2018

    CBS in May

    In May CBS will be visited by organisational guru Henry Mintzberg, a researcher, an attorney and a head of investigative journalism, who will discuss the grey areas in our tax control, while 22 researchers will present their field studies on entrepreneurship. We look forward to seeing you on campus.
  • 26.04.2018

    Organisational guru Henry Mintzberg to visit CBS

    The Canadian organisational guru, professor and author Henry Mintzberg will visit CBS on Wednesday 2 May, where he will meet students and partners to share his thoughts and ideas on a rebalanced society across political opinions and sectors.