VILLUM FONDEN - VELUX FONDEN awards DKK 2.9 million to professor Christian Borch, CBS, and professor Isabelle Augenstein, University of Copenhagen for project


VILLUM FONDEN # VELUX FONDEN has awarded DKK 2.9 million to Isabelle Augenstein & Christian Borch for the project ‘the Effects of NLP-Based Trading Algorithms’. 

​“This is an exciting opportunity to address important developments in financial markets through a collaboration across computer science and sociology,” says Professor Christian Borch, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS

VILLUM FONDEN # VELUX FONDEN – Denmark’s largest programme for data-driven interdisciplinary research has awarded DKK 2.9 million to Associate Professor Isabelle Augenstein, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen & Professor Christian Borch, Department of Management Politics and Philosophy, CBS for the project ‘the Effects of NLP-Based Trading Algorithms’. 

This project seeks to better understand the use of so-called natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and their use in and effects on present-day financial markets. NLP models are increasingly deployed to predict stock prices, based on text data which might originate in social media messages. 

“In this project, we aim to understand how such NLP algorithms are designed, how they function and make predictions, as well as what their effects are on market stability,” adds Professor Christian Borch. 

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Sidst opdateret: Department of Business Humanities and Law // 23/09/2021