Stefan Schwarzkopf has been awarded a grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)


Each spring DFF provides grants for some of the most promising and original ideas across scientific fields through its DFF Research Project 1 and DFF Research Project 2 programmes.

Associate Professor Stefan Schwarzkopf, MPP is one of four CBS researchers the fund has just given grants to. He was awarded over 1.7 million Danish kroner to do research. His project is called “Confessionalization in society and the ethical neutrality of companies”.

Is our community on the verge of disintegrating because many of us have instead chosen to group ourselves into what nearly resembles cultural sects that reject everything we otherwise used to agree on? Apparently every sect thinks it has the answer to everything, making it difficult to have public discussions and navigate culturally. Because everything that we do as citizens and consumers is checked for ethical correctness and precision. Radical vegans, for instance, tell us that even organic milk is not ethical enough. Climate researchers tell us that eating sausages is destroying our planet. And diversity activists warn us that saying merry Christmas can make others feel excluded.

During his research Stefan Schwarzkopf will also examine the significance of the decline in public cohesion for businesses and organisations.

Sidst opdateret: Department of Business Humanities and Law // 04/06/2021