10 Finance papers presented at the ASSA Meetings 2020

The Department of Finance had no less than 10 papers, 3 invitations to act as discussant/session chair and 3 poster sessions at this year’s ASSA Meetings 2020 in San Diego


In Finance, one of the three largest and most competitive conferences is the ASSA Meetings in the U.S. in January, which includes both the AFA (American Finance Association) conference and the AEA (American Economic Association) conference.

The Department of Finance was represented with no less than 10 papers at the ASSA Conference 2020, which took place in the beginning of January 2020 in San Diego.

Please find the 10 papers below:

  • Are Educational Differences in the Gender Earnings Gap Causal? Steffen Andersen, Philippe d'Astous, Jimmy Martinez-Correa, Stephen H. Shore
  • The Cost of Capital for Banks, Jens Dick-Nielsen, Jacob Gyntelberg, Christoffer Thimsen
  • Who Buys Homes When Prices Fall? Marcel Fischer, Natalia Khorunzhina, Julie Marx
  • How Important is the Distribution Channel for Mutual Fund Flows? Bjarne Florentsen, Ulf Nielsson, Peter Raahauge, Jesper Rangvid
  • Debt, Innovation, and Growth, Thomas Geelen, Jakub Hajda, Erwan Morellec
  • FX Premia Around the Clock, Ingomar Krohn, Philippe Mueller, Paul Whelan
  • Borrowing in Response to Windfalls, Michaela Pagel, Arna Olafsson
  • Evaluating Private Equity performance using Stochastic Discount Factors, Oleg Gredil, Morten Sørensen, William Waller
  • Frequency Dependent Risk, Andreas Neuhierl, Rasmus Varneskov
  • Financially constrained strategic arbitrage, Aytek Malkhozov, Gyuri Venter

In addition, we had the following discussants/session chairs:

  • Peter Feldhütter acted as discussant in the session: Structural Models of Credit Risk
  • Morten Sørensen acted as discussant in the session: Entrepreneurial Finance: Risk and Return
  • Peter Feldhütter acted as Session Chair in the session: Measuring Bond Liquidity

We also had the following poster sessions:

  • Economic Growth and the Debt Tax Shield, Marcel Fischer and Bjarne Astrup Jensen
  • Local House Price Comovements, Marcel Fischer, Roland Füss, Simon Stehle
  • The Value of Renewable Energy and Subsidies: An Investor's Perspective, Alexander Kronies

It is also at the AFA Conference that the Department of Finance participates in recruiting at the rookie market.

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