Carlsberg Foundation Grant for Dr. Florian Kock



Carlsberg Foundation Grant for Dr. Florian Kock

Dr. Florian Kock has just been awarded a research grant (just about DKK 4 million) from Carlsberg: Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship.

fkThis grant is for the project ‘What is coolness and how can we create it? Understanding coolness and its important implications for business and society’.

Coolness is omnipresent in our daily lives. Yet, we know almost nothing about what coolness is, how it is created or lost, and its impacts on our behavior. Yet, it is important: Companies, people, and cities want to be cool but have no idea how to become cool. The aim of this project is to make coolness a domain of research and investigate its role in business and society. The project investigates what coolness actually is, what makes a cool city or brand or person, and how coolness perceptions shape sustainable behavior. It develops a global coolness ranking and examines the DNA of cool behavior, with far-reaching implications for academia, business and society. Coolness is omnipresent, hence it should also be researched.

I would like to congratulate Florian with this prestigious research grant. Very well done, Florian!



Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 08/12/2021