Payment of tuition fee for Open University Students

Payment instructions for Open University Students has been sent


All Open University Students should either already have received instructions on paying the tuition fee or should receive it very soon on their CBS email*.

There have been some technical difficulties, which have meant that some students have not yet received their invoice. It should be fixed now, and all students should receive the invoices on Epayment at Friday the latest. If you are a Open University Student and have not received the invoice by Friday, please contact us immediately on (please note that we will not be able to help you over the phone).

Please note that if you have problems with login on to the Epayment system, you should contact CBS IT at If you are a first time student at CBS, please make sure to activate your CBS account before you try to log on.

*If you are a first time student at CBS and have not yet received your CBS IT letter, please be patient as it is on its way. Simply make sure to log on as soon as you receive the letter and pay the invoice(s), it will be there when you receive the letter (if you still have not received the letter by 22 May, contact us immediately on

Sidst opdateret: ISUP Secretariat // 16/05/2018