CBS Executive MBA 2014-16 class kicks off

A talented group of executives began their 20-month Executive MBA journey this week, jumping right into their courses and spending time getting to know their new network of fellow class participants.


CBS Executive MBA  2014-16 class kicks off

EMBA 2014-16 Class

A new group of talented executives have begun their Executive MBA journey this week with the programme introduction and kick-off in courses Financial Statement Analysis, Performance Management and Human Resource Management. They are jumping right into their first courses, and spending time getting to know their new network of class participants, program staff and faculty. This is the start of a 20-month journey, where they will build up and expand their skills and knowledge across 5 main business themes: Organisation & Leadership, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Strategy, Leading Responsible Corporations and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Throughout the programme, they will develop a more holistic view of business and continuously be applying what they are learning back to their own companies. Professors incorporate a variety of case studies, simulations, and debate into their courses but a common feature across all subjects is a final paper where the participants analyse their own organisation using the tools learnt in class.

The ROI is felt immediately by sponsoring organisations and participants gain useful insight into their roles which they can apply right away. Some recent graduates of the programme have shared the most important outcomes of the programme as the following:

“The programme has provided me with multiple business perspectives that has improved my corporate view and made me more analytical.”

“The EMBA has added great insight into my own business”

“I now have increased confidence in taking on new challenges and a coherent view on the many parts that make up a business.”

After this first module, participants will head back to their homes and jobs, already equipped with new tools and perspectives to consider and start applying. They will continue studying independently until they meet again in October for another week of lectures in Copenhagen.

The EMBA 2014-16 class is made up of a diverse group of people stretching over an age range from 30-49 years and coming from a variety of industries such as Energy, IT & Telecom, Finance & Insurance, and Medical & Pharmaceutical. We are excited to welcome this next chapter of EMBAs to the CBS MBA network!

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