Navigating Corporate Cultures From Within

Michael Jakobsen and Verner Worm have published a book, ‘Navigating Corporate Cultures From Within. Making Sense of Corporate Values Seen From an Employee Perspective’ (Emerald Publishing).


A proposition discussed in this book is that an insider understanding of host market specificities is imperative to understand the processes of adaptation to that particular market thus reducing the effect of liability of foreignness and outsidership a subsidiary emanating from an MNE encounter. Complementing this, the authors argue that studies of country specific norms and values are crucial when recruiting new employees to a subsidiary to understand the kind of mindset with which they enter the subsidiary. This is important as the analysis of how employees perceive a corporate culture depends on how they ‘read’ and react towards it. Such ‘readings’ constitute the authors point of departure for a study of how employees navigate a foreign organization in which they work.