Successful Launch of the CBS Diversity & Difference Platform



The new CBS spearhead initiative, the five year research programme, Business in Society Platform Diversity and Difference had a succesfull launch on 11 October with an inspiring programme and a very active audience.

Professor Karen Ashcraft, University of Colorado, Boulder, was our honourable guest, warmly welcomed by CBS Dean of Research, Søren Hvidkjær, and Academic Directors of the research platform, Sara Louise Muhr and Dorte Lønsmann.

Karen Ashcraft gave an intriguing keynote presentation on affection studies, ‘Feeling Power: Diversity as a Sensate Encounter' – the theme being perfectly in line with the many interactive concepts that formed the programme of the day.

The audience wholeheartedly accepted the invitation to engage in questions of diversity as a shared and performed activity. You could try a diversity walk to check your own privilege and engage with your own and others’ assumptions about diversity and equality in ‘The Norm Room’. Or you could find out how diverse your network is in the network survey, and commit to engaging with diversity challenges in the ‘Diversity Factory’.
That afternoon, research and dissemination was indeed, to paraphrase Karen Ashcraft, something that happened.

It all came to a festive end with wine reception and music from Det Kønne Kartel.

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