MSC PhD Fellow, Frederik Schade, receives the 2022 Fonnesbech PhD Award

Frederik Schade at the Award ceremony

At the annual CBS Award ceremony, Frederik Schade, PhD Fellow at MSC, was presented with the Fonnesbech PhD Award 2022. The Award, which was given to Frederik Schade in recognition of his ‘talent and potential for conducting high quality research on phenomena of significant societal importance, and his ability to publish his research in renowned international journals’, was presented in collaboration with Grosserer Anders Fonnesbech Legatfond.



The focus of Frederik Schade’s research concerns the emergence of “digital responsibility” as a societal and organizational norm.  As we become

increasingly aware of the problems and potential dangers associated with mass digitalization (e.g., through the Snowden revelations, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and other incidents), governments and organizations are becoming increasingly preoccupied with defining and realizing responsible praxis in this area. Frederik’s work thus investigates how key norm-setting institutions in a Danish context arrive at particular notions of “responsibility” and modes of enforcing “responsible” conduct in the market to highlight existing concepts of responsibility and allow for new ways of thinking and deliberating on the problem of digital responsibility.


The Fonnesbech Award provides Frederik with a fourth year of PhD funding and will allow him to immerse himself in his research as he finalizes his thesis and develops key findings into a set of research papers.