New PhD course in Entrepreneurship Research


Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Professor of Entrepreneurship Mirjam van Praag, in collaboration with the CBS Entrepreneurship BiS Platform, organize and offers a new PhD course in Entrepreneurship. The course is titled “Research Foundations in the Economics of Entrepreneurship” and is a new initiative seeking to provide PhD students with a in-depth understanding of the core terms and challenges in Entrepreneurship research focusing primarily but not exclusively on economics of entrepreneurship.

Prof. van Praag’s course consists of ten 3-hour lectures. Among the subjects taught are Selection into Entrepreneurship, Returns to Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Teams, Academic Entrepreneurship, and the role of IPOs and Governance. The course is taught based on different research methods ranging from field experiments to traditional econometric modeling and natural/quasi experiments. It is organized as interactive sessions where students are presenting research papers and discussing them critically even if published in leading journals. Apart from Prof. van Praag, the team giving the course consists of Assistant Professor Asma Fattoum, Assistant Professor Valentina Tartari, and Professor Toke Reichstein.
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Sidst opdateret: Entrepreneurship Platform // 05/04/2019